Home Networking

A Reliable network starts with quality materials and planning to fit your business needs. we will meet with you to design the optimum layout for your current and future needs.

We can setup your Home network with multiple data drops with minimum lead time. We use Cisco,Linksys,D-Link Hubs, Routers, Wireless access points, Switches along with BAFO CAT5e to ensure the integrity and lifespan of your Home Network.

If you would like a wireless network setup for your home, we will configure it using the best security available, so only you can access it. On random drives around the city we find hundreds on wireless networks unsecured. Those people running an unsecured network are at risk to hackers, viruses, data theft, and even lawsuits if the network is unknowingly used for music pirating through internet file sharing programs like Kazaa.


If you are having a problem with your current network, please do not hesitate to call us at 077 565 70704 for immediate help. We can even work after hours to keep downtime to a minimum.

That is why we have many happy Custormers.

Want to find out more call Now on 077 565 70704